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In this 60 minute keynote, Sean explores “The Power of How.”

Imagine your entire company grinding to a halt because a cow was late to the office. Welcome to day 5 of shooting NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. And that was the EASIEST problem we had to solve! 

The Word that Shapes Our World keynote starts with crazy stories of growing up in a 500 – person ranching town, and quickly evolves into behind-the-scenes trivia of making Napoleon Dynamite – all the while setting the framework for the central message of the talk. The story behind every crazy adventure, every unimaginable problem solved and every risk successfully taken begins with a single word: “How.”

There is no more powerful tool in problem solving than shifting your mindset from “Can we solve this problem?” to “HOW can we solve this problem?” “Can we do it?” questions have yes/no answers. These questions invite roadblocks. “How can we do it?” questions inspire brainstorming, spitballing and collaboration. “How can we do it?” questions are at the heart of every modern innovation.

As the keynote drills into “The Power of How,” audiences are not only given a powerful tool to manage teams and direct their careers; they are also given the key to understanding the needs of those around them to positively impact world they inhabit. 

This keynote explores not only the crazy mishaps that filmmakers have to figure out while shooting a movie, but also the mindset that makes no problem unsolvable.

Audience feedback from schools as small as 50 to auditoriums seating 1000:

“Sean, thank you so much for joining us in Santa Fe last week. You really got our meeting off to a great start. Since returning to the office, I’ve already shared “the word” with others. You really have both great style and in delivery. Your message was spot on and your remarks peppered with just the right amount of humor. Again, thank you … I hope our paths cross again.”

Associate Executive Director AASA , The School Superintendents Association

“I’ve been thinking about your talk since last week and wanted to send a note of thanks.  So many great lessons to take away, and all of them start with “how.”  PS – I sent my son the picture we took.  His reply was “GOSH – THAT’S FLIPPIN AWESOME!”

– Scott C., Science Teacher

“It was a fantastic way to start the year… humor mixed with relevant food for thought. I have been struggling with coming back this year in a way I haven’t ever before (this is my 33rd year of teaching). You said just what I needed to hear.”

Kiran S., High School Math Teacher

“You had me laughing, and crying at the end because as someone outside of education, you truly understand what makes us teacher tick. Thank you for sharing your story and know you are making a difference in the lives of others.”

– Theresa C., High School English Teacher

“It was a highlight of my summer. Engaging, interesting and fun.”

– Dan R., High School Administration Professional

“We are all huge Napoleon Dynamite fans so it was neat to get behind the scenes, and the Philip story was a tear jerker.  I’ve taken your message into the classroom by putting an H and a W on both sides of my clock.  It keeps me on track with helping the students, and guides them to solve problems on their own. Thank you for a great in-service.”

– Kris C. English Teacher

“The most fun thing I have ever been forced to sit though! Ha Ha Ha!!!“ 

– Jane Anne H., Lunch Lady

Sean Covel’s life story has been that of “creating something out of nothing.”

From his time working in technologies in San Francisco, to his career as a movie producer, Sean specializes in bringing significant form to significant vision, in creating castles in the clouds and constructing foundations under them.
Producers shape an idea into a screenplay, a screenplay into a blueprint, and a blueprint into a business that merges multi-million dollar deals with the desire to create art.  
A producer is a storyteller, a leader, and an innovator.  
With the explosion of content creators such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu – this is true now more than ever before. 
Apart from being a filmmaker, Sean comes from a family of teachers. His mother was his English Teacher in High School and his sister teaches 2nd Grade is a small South Dakota school. 
When he is not on set, he fuels his passion for producing by teaching the next generation of filmmakers to blaze their own paths. Each spring, he serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts; widely regarded as the finest film school in the world. 
Students from Sean’s classes at USC have gone on to work at the following companies:

Underlying all of these perspectives is that of a small town kid from the backwoods of South Dakota who crafted a career in the center of the world’s stage, and has enjoyed every crazy step long the way.