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Porter the Hoarder Family Engagement Project

Porter the Hoarder is now part of a reading project that is state-wide in South Dakota and soon to roll-out across the nation!

Students, teachers, and school libraries each receive a special edition copy of Porter the Hoarder and the Ransacked Room. This is the first in a 64-book series will be given out before the book’s international publication.

Here’s how it works!

What the Project Package includes:

  • All 1st grade students are provided their very own copy of Porter the Hoarder and the Ransacked Room.

  • All teachers are provided additional books for the classroom bookshelves.

  • All teachers are provided access to an eVersion of the book that can be projected on smartboards and read with the whole class.

  • All teachers are provided a “how-to” video that demonstrate the objectives of the Porter experience and how to cultivate engagement in the classroom and at home.

  • Parents are provided a fun, funny, and simple guide to reading the books with kids.

  • School libraries are provided copies of the books for their collection. In test schools, these books rarely spend time on the shelf.

A launch party and signing event are hosted in various regions across the state as the project rolls out. The objective is to increate family engagement and solidify a habit of reading in the home.

The result is a laughter-filled good time for Bigs and Littles alike.

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