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“Imagine your whole company
grinding to a stand-still
because a cow was late for work.”

“Welcome to day five of shooting Napoleon Dynamite.
That was one of the easiest problems we had to solve!”

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Hilarious - Educational - insightful

Sean thinks constantly about how people take in information, and how to make it stick. Doing so is at the heart of being a storyteller, filmmaker and educator. He abides by one philosophy: “Get people to laugh and you can shove a bunch of information in there while their mouths are open!”
Sean’s presentations are designed to give your event a  jolt of entertainment and a flash of insight. He starts with hilarious stories about growing up in small-town South Dakota, and quickly evolves into behind-the-scenes trivia of making Napoleon Dynamite. All the while he is setting the framework for an “Ah Ha” moment about how we think, how we learn, how to focus your teachers and crack the code to helping troubled students that the system has cast aside.
Audiences leave Sean’s presentations with excitement, focus, and the tools to empower staff and change the mindset of students. …Along with some pretty great stories to tell their friends back home.

...WHAT educators ARE SAYING

“Your talk really got us off to a great start.You have both great style and delivery.Your message was spot on and your remarks peppered with just the right amount of humor.
The talk truly set the framework for a great week of learning.Thank you.”
– C.J. Ried, AASA National Conference

“It was a fantastic way to start the year… humor mixed
with relevant food for thought.I have been struggling
with coming back this year in a way I haven’t ever
before (this is my 33rd year teaching). You said just
what I needed to hear.”
“It was a highlight of my summer.
Engaging, interesting and fun.”

“The most fun thing I have ever
been forced to sit though!
Ha ha ha!!!”

“We are huge Napoleon Dynamite fans so it was neat to get behind the scenes! I’ve taken your message into the school by putting an H and a W on both sides of my clock. It keeps me on track with helping my students and teachers, and guides them to solve problems on their own. Thank you for a great conference.”

“I’ve been thinking about your talk since last week and wanted to send a note of thanks. So many great lessons to take away, and all of them start with the word “How.” PS – I sent my son the picture we took. His reply was “GOSH-THAT’S FLIPPIN AWESOME!” Thanks again.

“You had me laughing, and crying at the end because as someone outside the industry, you truly understand what
makes us educators tick. Thank you for sharing your story and know you are making a difference in the lives of others.”

about sean

Sean Covel is a Los Angeles based Film and Television Producer who grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Covel’s credits include Beneath for Paramount Pictures, The 12 Dogs of Christmas directed by Academy Award Winner, Keith Merrill, and the iconic independent film, Napoleon Dynamite. Together, Covel’s films have won multiple awards, generated over one-quarter billion dollars in revenue internationally, and gotten nerds prom dates across the globe. He very much wishes that would’ve been the case when he was in high school.
Covel travels the globe on various film shoots, but maintains close ties to his small-town midwestern roots. In 2015 he founded The 12 Days of Pizza charitable program, which supplies underprivileged families of elementary school-age children consistent meals across the Christmas break. In its first year, the program provided 144 meals to Black Hills area families. Just 3 years later, the program grew to provide over 12,000 meals across the midwest.
Covel is also a best-selling children’s book writer. His latest book series,Porter the Hoarder, has become a centerpiece of a family engagement project created by the United Way. As part of the project, 15,000 first graders receive a free copy of the book each year, along with the tools to inspire reading at home. The program began in South Dakota and is now expanding nationally.
Covel holds an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Management and Acting from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, where he serves as an Adjunct Professor each spring.
Covel enjoys traveling, keynote speaking, and lecturing at universities and film festivals internationally, but he hangs his nunchucks in Deadwood, SD.
Sean presents to groups of all sizes, from classes of 20, to auditoriums of thousands.
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