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Something Obnoxious This Way Comes


Porter the Hoarder is a series of 64 books that are part “read-with-me” and part “look-and-find.” The first book in the series, Porter the Hoarder and the Ransacked Room, follows the ups and downs of an obnoxious little girl named Porter as she has to clean piles of junk from her room.  

Readers locate Porter’s “collections,” which include snotty handkerchiefs, manic monkeys, moldy sandwiches and lightening-fried lizards, and then help her decide what stays and what she has to throw away. 

Porter has many, many, opinions on this and is quick to make them known!

Read it together.  Read it out loud.  And have a blast!

Porter the Hoarder and Pappy’s Perfect Pizza Party

Help Porter make her Grand-Pappy’s favorite birthday pizza! Should she use moldy munster cheese, pickled pigs feet, and crispy crunch chocolate-covered grasshoppers?

Porter the Hoarder the Nature Explorer

Porter is on a nature hike and can only bring home one wagon-load of treasures. Should she keep the fossilized deer dookie, slimy squiggly earth worms, and flatulent flying fish?

Porter the Hoarder and the Halloween Happening

Porter is about to trick-or-treat the heck out of the monster neighborhood. Who knows WHAT she will find, but you can bet she’s going to want to bring it ALL home!

“I loved reading this with my kids. Hearing them laugh and being able to laugh with them is the highlight of my day. We love it!”


Movie Star / Mom

“Liam laughed so hard, he blew a snot bubble. Twice.”


Writer for My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,

and Producer of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Stretch Armstrong

“So simple, yet so challenging! My students won’t put it down! The Porter series is a must-have for any book collection.”


Elementary School Teacher

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