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Marlon McDoogle's Magical Night is a world-class Christmas adventure about a young boy finding his identity, and stepping into his place in the world. On the night of his 12th Christmas Eve, Marlon McDoogle waits for his grandpa, Angus, to “give him a gift he’ll never forget.” Marlon soon finds himself part of a secret Christmas Eve team that helps Santa deliver presents on a train while Santa's reindeer fill up on the magical hay that lets them fly. When Marlon throws a handful of hay into the boiler of the train, he unleashes a magic never before seen and finds himself flying the train high above the mountains. With quick thinking and incredible bravery, Marlon is able to get the flying train under control. Marlon saves the night, saves Christmas, and forever becomes The Boy Who Flies Trains. Marlon learns lessons of appreciating family, being true to your heart and the real spirit of Christmas along the way. Inspired by the actual Black Hills Central Railroad in Hill City, SD. The 1880's Train (as it's known) is the oldest continuously operating tour railroad in the nation.

Marlon McDoogle's Magical Night

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